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Oxford Tutors Co. is a leading British bespoke tutoring service that selects full time and part-time tutors for high profile and high net worth families around the world. We select tutors who are not only academically gifted but also possess special talents and great interpersonal skills. We offer a personal service with confidentiality guaranteed.

Each year, our tutors successfully prepare students for Common Entrance exams and 11+ exams for grammar schools, GCSEs and A-Level qualifications, and Oxbridge (Oxford and Cambridge Universities) and Ivy League admissions.

Our commitment is to deliver an exceptional education that is tailored to each individual child. We work hard to achieve this by offering the best talent in teaching, a detailed matching process, and bespoke programmes of educational support.

How are we different?

#1 The foremost benefit of OxfordTutorsCo is that if you are not happy with the tutor in the first month, you do not have to pay a penny!

#2 Other tutoring agencies or employers simply provide clients and leave it at that. They charge extortionate fees but do not provide quality service. However, we expect our tutors to constantly keep us informed of the child's progress to ensure your child exceeds targets.

#3 We can help children reach ambitious goals such as helping children starting university at age 16 or learning 2 new languages at the same time.

#4 We keep matters completely confidential and our tutors sign an agreement not to discuss their clients. 

#5 Our tutors must have a significant life-experience and possess good interpersonal skills as well as being academically gifted; they must be charismatic and great role models backgrounds; must be inspirational and have significant experience in tutoring and helping children to reach their goals such as entering private school, a World-class University or becoming fluent in a foreign language.


Meet one of our tutors:
AK studied chemical engineering at the world top University of Manchester – he is an experienced tutor who tutors high profile clients. He attended private school and attained A* in Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics. Furthermore, from thousands of students from The University of Cambridge, Oxford and other redbrick universities, he attained a scholarship with BP (British Petroleum). In his own words, AK said, "The benefits of having a tutor are numerous such as lessons are tailored according to the child's ability and it is more engaging. Also, the child is forced to concentrate and won't daydream unlike during school. Just as important as being a tutor is being a good role model. Having a tutor helps students to finish their high-school exams at an early age compared to their peers."

What we teach?

Private Tutoring

Any Curriculum

Our tutors provide engaging one-to-one lessons. We address subject knowledge gaps and focus on exam technique.

Home schooling

All Levels

Our tutors are experienced in providing full-time home tutoring.

Mock Exams & Interviews

Every Topic

Our team of knowledgeable and experienced professionals are available to provide one-on-one guidance on Common Entrance, GCSE and A Level exams.

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The ‘Ferrari of home tutoring’: How Oxford Tutors Co. is taking affluent families’ education to the next level.

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